Crowd contribution for innovation

Crowd contribution is a sure fire way of creating innovation.

So you've hit the wall with your innovation. You've come up with a stack of ideas over the years but you just can't seem to find any new ways to make money out of them.

Well you can, you could try applying some innovation techniques to them like combination, attribution and any other of the 42 innovate skills I talk about. Or you might just use the innovation skill called 'crowd contribution'.

Sometimes we simply don't have the time or headspace to apply a 4 or 5 light bulb (high level of difficulty) innovation skill to find new ideas. 'Crowd contribution' is a one light bulb (simple) activity that can accelerate your innovations.

You may have heard of organisations asking their customers for ideas for what they want in their products. An even more powerful technique is to ask them what they could do with parts of their business - be it a product, process or part of their service in a completely new way or new industry.

It's all about tapping into genius of the masses and providing them worth a reward to do so. The thinking behind this is that there are often more people with more time and less boundaries that are willing to think outside of those boxes to create new combinations, ideas and innovative ideas.

Essential elements for this technique are:
Know what you are willing to share of what it is that you do already.
Have a financial or recognition reward that is in line with the potential millions that your organisation may reap.
Encourage ideas for totally new applications and totally new industries.

While this is an 'open innovation' trend that is starting to happen in research institutions it's something that could just as easily happen in the private sector. A very good example of this 'crowd contribution' innovation that is about to be put into practice is  Data scientist solve your problems for you.

What ways can you start to tap into the minds of the world?



Nils Vesk

Founder of Ideas with Legs | Innovation speaker | consultant | author

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