Design thinking

Even though design thinking has been around for year. More and more organisations are hearing about it and looking to embrace it but don't know where to look.


Design thinking simply put is the approach designers have traditionally used to design anything from a product to a building. Why people are getting so excited is that finally people are realising that things are better when they are designed. The same applies to business, if we can design it we can improve it, whether that be a product, process or service.

There is a universal process that designers use in approach the design of a new project. Essentially it includes:
    1.    Defining (choosing where to innovate)
    2.    Researching (investigating opportunities and markets)
    3.    Ideating (generating ideas)
    4.    Selecting (choosing which idea to work on)
    5.    Prototyping (constructing pilots of the idea)
    6.    Implementing (making it happen)
    7.    Reviewing (learning from the experience)

We're looking forward to sharing more with you soon.



Nils Vesk

Founder of Ideas with Legs | Innovation speaker | consultant | author

nils vesk