Innovation can be applied to any part of a business

Too many organisations still think that innovation is something that is better left for R&D or the marketing department. The reality is you can apply innovation anywhere, anytime. I was working with a client the other day that's going through some massive growth and expansion, and their biggest challenge was recruitment. They'd been placing the usual advertisements with no results. Yes, they knew about recruiters, but didn't want to have to be hit by the massive fees.

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So I got the client to show me what their job advertisement was. Surprise surprise, the advertisement looked like every one of the other thousands of advertisements. I suggested we could be a little bit more innovative so we started by being counter intuitive. The client was looking for a programmer, so I asked the client "what would be the most opposite thing you could think of than programming?" The client’s response was based around the movie the Avengers. We started to work with that angle, knowing that if a prospective employee was looking for somewhere exciting, cool, and rewarding, it would be most likely to happen if the job description advertisement reflected that.

Part of the description was like this:

BlueChilli world headquarters for undercover lazy programmers has been waging a war on corporate terrorists through skillful apps and savvy programming. Our army is ready in the trenches and is about to strike at the heart of corporates with the next generation startup businesses!

If you want to work for corporates - stay at home and pray because BlueChilli is coming to conquer the world!

Must have zero fear of heights, be able to code .NET blindfolded, recite SQL under water and be open to sharing the spoils of war.

In your pledge to us, please list your superpower (what you rock at) and your Kryptonite (what you suck at).

We're building a foreign legion to create.......... 

I'm sure you get the picture. Now, obviously their company isn't your normal corporate programming company, but would they want to be? When they can be innovative, have a team that love to change the way things are done and creating great results for great financial return, then the copy is so much more inline with their brand personality and so much more likely to gain the attention of the savvy programmers.

Innovation can be applied anywhere anytime, even in the world of recruitment.



Nils Vesk

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