IP snapshots


When it comes to IP if it's not visible it's not profitable. The more you capture and document your IP the more money you can make from it. IP for a lot of organisations and thought leaders is a lot like a hidden bank account. You don't know what money you've got hidden away until you can see the bank details and you have the password to access it.

Having a way of effectively capturing and documenting your IP can provide you with those bank details and the passwords to access the value of our IP.

But is there any value in our IP? Of course there is! Here's a few examples of valuable IP.
• A sales pitch - how much money can you make from the right sales pitch using a great message?
• A conference talk - how much business could you generate with a great talk at a conference?
• A new process - how much value for your business can you generate from a documented process that reveals what was assumed but never known before?
• A message to the board of directors.
• A book or a blog that generates a great follow-ship and new list of customers.

Now in business we love our Plans and Schedules and they're great. Plans give us the knowledge of what to do, where we're going to do it and how we're going to do it. Schedules help us work out the who, the when and how much. As good as these are they don't help us with the why and the essence of our idea.

Remember a snapshot of our IP needs to convey a context, concept and the content of your idea. Do this and you can see your IP and create value from it.

So what are you waiting for take that IP snapshot now. 

Nils Vesk

Innovation Architect

nils vesk