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You may recall that classic movie from the 1980's starring Tom Cruise in Risky business, as cool as it was for aspiring teenage boys at the time, I reckon something far more valuable that potential innovators should be considering is the topic of Prickly business.

Now prickly business to me is kind of like the dark side of innovation, remember star wars with Darth Vader v Obi-Wan Kenobi? Well, many innovators love to play with all the light fun parts of business, but there's a powerful dark side that we can all embrace to create powerful innovations.
I mean let's face it, the 'death star' was a pretty awesome innovation.

Okay, before you think this is some kind of weird movie review, let's get back on track. I believe that there are pricks in business, that's right every business has pricks. Yes some of the pricks can be people, but the other pricks can be everything from the products and services we move or sell, the process we use and the actions we take every day. The clearer we become about some of these pricks the easier it becomes to find innovation opportunities.

Now innovating on the 'dark side' isn't easy. If it was, well everyone would be doing it. So why don't people innovate on the dark side and what actually is the dark side? The two main pricks in business are:

1. Things we can't do
2. Things we don't want to do

Now that might not sound like rocket science and your right, yet it's this simplicity that masks a very complex and difficult space that prevents so many organisations from reaping the benefits that can be found there.

In the coming blogs we're going to unpack this topic even more, and I'm sure as Innovation Architects there's some great insights for you to apply.



Nils Vesk

Founder of Ideas with Legs | Innovation speaker | consultant | author

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