How to create a hypnotic trance to tap into your creative genius

Want to be able to get into a massively productive and innovative state? Who wouldn’t? The good news is, all we need to do is to get into a trance. When we are in a flow, we are in essence in a type of trance. Not trance music, but a mental trance where we are accessing deeper levels of consciousness.

On average, a person would fall into a trance without their knowledge around 2 to 3 times a day. The most common trance people encounter is an entertainment trance. This could be whilst watching your favourite show on Netflix or scrolling through social media. You’re probably thinking that’s absurd, yet when we monitor the brain whilst people watch television or listen to certain emotionally charged music, brain waves change.

First, we need to unpack what a trance state actually is. A trance state is when we shift from a Beta brain wave state (the usual processing frequency wave length of our brain when we are thinking actively or in a conversation) to either an alpha, delta or gamma brain wave state.

Researchers have shown that elevated states of emotion increase the neural connections in the brain that relate to a select idea or feeling. It was the famous neuroscientist Donald Hebb who said when talking about habit change that “what fires together, wires together”. The more we trigger an emotion, the more we strengthen the neural connection. If we want to create a high performance mindset to get more stuff done, then we want to be able to recreate the emotions involved in doing the task, overcoming any obstacles and finally completing the task successfully. In short, we want to create an emotional rehearsal of the person we want to become.

We have one of two decisions to make. One, do we want to be lulled into trance by someone else that will most likely lead to behaviours that are counter productive or work against our creative projects? Or, would we prefer to create a trance that works for us, strengthening our resolve, motivation, inspiration, and ability to deal with obstacles and frustrations to work on our creative projects?

I’m hoping you’re in favour of the latter choice. Choose to create your own unique trance to help you create and realise brilliant ideas that can change your life.

So, how do we go about creating a trance that works for us?

A simple way that we can do this is to create an actual movie that evokes the emotions we are looking to hard wire into the brain. Just as a movie or TV show can entrance us, so too can our own videos. We need to become a producer of our own movie.

I have a two minute video that I play in the morning before a meditation, or whenever I have a spare minute or two before a meeting or call. The combination of music, words and emotionally charging visual imagery create a trance effect which helps me keep focused and on the job.

I’ve got some great news for you if you think you don’t have the editing skills or capacity to create a video. There’s a low cost, simple yet highly productive tool that we use in our agency that I will share with you later. Before we unpack how to make the movie, we need to identify the core emotions we want to evoke within it.

Say for example you have a goal to be more innovative and industrious in your workplace. Once we’ve identified what this might look like, we then want to identify the types of emotions that we want to encounter when behaving this way or to get to this end state.

Some emotions for this might include:

  • Feeling creative

  • Feeling productive

  • Feeling organised

  • Feeling effective

Once we have a list of the core emotions, we then want to start looking for video footage to help evoke each of these emotions.

The tool we use a lot in our business is called Content Samurai. I’ve included a link for free seven day trial which will enable you to create your trance movie for free! Simply head to this link. Content Samurai enables you to combine words with stock video footage and music. It will search for videos related to your chosen words and edit the whole thing for you so there’s no technical experience required at all.

Trance Creation Tips:

  • Pick a favourite song that really means something to you.

  • List out the core emotions which relate to achieving a bigger goal or that are involved in turning up as a better version of yourself each day.

  • Search for videos using your emotion word or a specific goal.

  • Upload the video footage to your editing software.

  • Add in music and emotion words.

  • Download the file.

Upload the file to your mobile device so that you can watch it whenever you want or whenever you feel flat.



Nils Vesk

Innovation Keynote Speaker | Futurist | Author | Researcher | Consultant

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