How To Make Your Product or Service Addictive

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I'll admit it, I've finally got a digital addiction. I'm not sure about you, but I reckon many of us have some sort of addiction to a certain product or service. What's important is not just the product or service but the design of it that makes it addictive.

My latest addiction is a mnemonic learning site called memrise. Work is taking me overseas in a couple of weeks and I wanted to learn some Spanish quickly before heading to Mexico. Enter into the scene memrise. Founded by a neuroscientist and a memory champion, this site is scientifically designed to help you learn and remember a subject quickly, in a fun and engaging way.

For me, the addictive part is the gamification that has been applied to the process. For example, in my course basic Mexican Spanish, every word or item I learn gains me a certain number of points (they call this planting the seeds), and every time I revise words (called watering), I get points as well. The process tests your understanding and sends you reminders to water your plants (especially the ones you had difficulty remembering).

There's a leaderboard to show who's got the most points for the week, month or all time. I'm currently in 2nd place for the week and I'm trying to knock someone off the top position. 

The bottom line is it's a great learning tool, it's addictive and it gets people raving about it (just like me). With over 1 million users, this site is a great innovation success that demonstrates great gamification and innovation design.

The challenge we need to ask ourselves is “what form of gamification can we introduce either for our clients/ users or our own organisation?”

Keep on innovating!



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