from boardroom panic to boardroom pay-rise

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Download our brainstorming tool to help you create ideas on demand every time.

Sick of being flat footed in a meeting? Or even worse being ‘left out’ of a meeting, because people don’t think you’ve got the game changing ideas. Change things with this FREE tool.

turn pain points in payments

Download our problem redefinition tools to help you turn problems and pain points into commercial opportunities to make money.

Let’s face it: we all have problems, but what if we could turn them into opportunities? That would be very smart indeed. Make sure you read our blog post for instructions on how to use the tool.

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Ucan Future proof trends pack - every trend chart you could ever need to supercharge your career or business.

Download our super trends pack. Eight of our best and latest trends chart for a limited time.

Don't miss out on this collection of valuable trends.

You’ll get 8 trends in total: 1. socio-cultural trends, 2. technological & scientific trends, 3. economic trends, 4. environmental trends, 5. political trends, 6. customer experience (CX) trends, 7. emerging people trends and 8. thought leadership trends.

Whoa, if you’re reading this, you were most likely part of the audience in the University of Canberra Future workshop Nils Vesk ran on the 7th of February, thanks for being there. If you weren’t there, you’re lucky because you can get a FREE download too.


capitalise on the next wave of technological & scientific trends.

Download the next wave of trends

Don't miss out on the next wave of trends. Here's our FREE trends chart for the next wave of upcoming emerging technological & scientific trends that are waiting to be capitalised on.

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commercialise your big idea from scratch - 1-page process map

Download this revolutionary 1 page process

We’re sharing our innovation secrets that we use with some of the biggest hottest brands on the planet, to help you take an idea from scratch to market. Here's our FREE commercialise your big idea from scratch 1-page process map that will help you realise that big game-changing idea.

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