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innovation archetypes by Nils Vesk

Innovation Archetypes is a ground breaking book that reveals the key principles that the worlds best professional innovators use. From insight generation and idea generation to prototyping and marketing your new innovation. Innovation archetypes reveals the principles you can use to achieve world class innovation.

Is it possible that there is one way to innovate that creates more commercial success than any other?

Innovation Architect Nils Vesk knows there is just one such way. Determined to discover why so many organisations were suffering from too few innovations, he started researching, testing and applying the principles of innovating through professional archetypes.

His research was startling, as he discovered that professional biases had led to the creation of an obstructive innovation paradigm. This book has set out to change that. The old paradigm was that innovation was only for the privileged few. The new paradigm is that innovation be accessible to everyone, so everyone has the opportunity and knowledge to innovate.

The new paradigm means revealing the limiting biases and perceptions that have been thwarting innovation potential. This book counters these obstructions by utilising key principles from the worlds best professional innovation archetypes, allowing you to generate commercial innovation day in day out.

In this book you will discover:

  • How biases short change innovation capitalisation

  • Which innovation archetypes to use for different phases of innovation

  • The thinking behind worlds best idea generation

  • The principles to uncovering rain making insights

  • How prototyping reduces the risk of innovation

  • The most effective ways to build and commercialise innovation

This 185 page paperback book is the perfect companion for anyone leading innovation or who aspires to innovate


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In this short 20 question innovation strengths diagnostic you’ll discover what your innovation strengths are, which phases of innovation you excel in and a personalised prescription to help you take your innovative thinking to the next level.


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