think the unthinkable

If you want to create ground breaking innovation then you need to think in a way you've never thought before.


ideation fuels innovation.

The more ideas we have, the easier it is to innovate. There are functional ideas, beautiful ideas and radical ideas. Each and every ideation style fuels the innovation engine. The more ideas we have, the further we go.


Innovation can’t happen without ideas.

Unfortunately, many of us mistakenly believe that only creative people are capable of generating good ideas. That’s a myth.

What is more accurate is an understanding that anyone is capable of generating ideas, from a very ‘linear’ thinker to an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker.

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Different types of thinking create different types of ideas

We have logical and functional ideas that can lead to incremental innovation and this is starting point for ideation. 

We also have ideas that are based around the form, aesthetics and experience of a product or service.

Finally we have abstract ideation that allow us to free our thinking for really game changing ideas.

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How to create ideas.

Ideation can be made easier by adapting the key ideation principles of professionals who create ideas day in day.

We could use a functional and constructible approach to ideas like an engineer or the abstraction principles that advertising creatives use to generate million dollar ad campaigns.

Utilise our team to teach you how to create killer ideas, or fly solo with our D.I.Y tools.

read this book.


One simple way to get ahead with your innovative thinking is to learn how to innovate. This book - Ideas with legs (written by someone with an Ikea catalogue name) works. Take a sneak peak to see how it can help you. Oh, and if you find words a chore, there's pics on nearly every page to help you along.

Find out how what we think about ideas in this fun video we created.

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