less is more.

Good messengers know what to leave out. The fewer the words, the less the confusion. The fewer the images, the less the distraction.


say more with less.

If no one knows about your product or service do you actually have a product or service? If there’s no awareness no one will try it, talk about it, consider it or buy it. So it might as well not exist. 'Minimalist messages' can help to change that. By creating awareness and grabbing mindshare yet without wasting energy in the process.

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Minimal means pitching one thing versus everything.

You love your new innovation and in the hype you try to tell everyone everything about it. The problem is that people don't have the time for everything. Let's face it, not everyone will visit your website let alone read it.

The challenge modern marketers face is in having single dimensional messages that cut through noise. 

In today’s overstimulated, over communicated, message inundated world, just because it’s sales-worthy doesn’t make it newsworthy.

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Remarkable makes it marketable.

It’s amazing how many organisations do remarkable things, yet rather than focus on the remarkable in their marketing, they resort to traditional promotion of what they always do.

The 'minimalist messenger'  looks for the most remarkable element of a product or service innovation and then determines a creative strategy to create intrigue. This means being able to turn the obvious element into something fascinating so that it makes people think about in a way they've never thought before.


How to make a message viral.

Whilst every product & pitch is different there are principles we can follow to create that massive following.

  • Unearth what's remarkable about the innovation

  • Craft a unique compelling and intriguing messages

  • Create a cause behind the idea, because customers respond better to a cause versus a campaign.

  • Create a crowd by excluding a crowd. Minimal messengers know that once we start saying no to certain customer groups, we begin to increase the depth we have in another customer group.

message artistry


A picture is worth a thousand words

That’s why we partnered with Loulaki Blue to help bring our images to life. We do the concepts and drawings and Loulaki Blue film it and produce it. The result means great cost effective visual stories.

Here’s one of our message artistry videos for the best selling business book Talking about the tough stuff.