Fresh thinking global minds to help you innovate.

Our team work across the globe from the asia pacific region to europe and the americas. With over 40 years combined experience in industries ranging from finance to manufacturing, our innovative minds are second to none.


Paul Carson

Paul Carson has led a fast paced strategic and operational career in the financial and insurance world, culminating in some of the highest operational positions attainable working in both Europe, Asia and Australia.

He’s formulated and directed world class business and technology strategies, generated innovation initiatives, designed policies and prioritised projects that have focussed on growing businesses rapidly and sustainably through innovative thinking.

From business transformation to CX innovation programs Paul has seen commercial results in all his roles. In his last role Paul spearheaded the customer experience (CX) transformation of AXA Hong Kong where he was the COO in charge of 1500+ employees. His CX innovation strategy and resulted in some of the highest commercial yields AXA Hong Kong had seen and resulted in AXA Hong Kong as securing the No. 1 Net promoter score.  

Paul has been applying innovative strategies for over 25 years. Paul has coupled his formal actuarial skills with customer experience innovation and commercial growth strategies. The key innovation problem he solves is how to create customer delight whilst driving commercial innovative returns.

Despite being professionally trained as an actuary, Paul understands that risk in innovation can be managed and used to commercial advantage.  

Paul leads the customer experience innovation strategies for Innovation Blueprint and Ideas with Legs.

Some of his positions have included:COO AXA HongKong, Deputy CEO AIA Australia, COO AIG United Kingdom, COO AIA Australia


Nils Vesk

Nils has been applying, teaching, and researching innovation around the world for over 15 years. The key innovation problem he solves is that organisations have too few innovations and they are too far apart.

Nils’ research has identified that the major cause of this problem is that our biases get in the way of innovating. Simply put ‘what we see changes what we see’. This is human nature, except it often results in us filtering and making decisions we’re not even aware that we’ve made.

This is why Nils believes that every innovation expert you’ve ever heard speak, has been totally right yet totally wrong at the same time. Each expert (and everyone else) comes with a bias based on the professional roles they have had in their career.

Having spearheaded the science of diagnosing and prescribing critical innovation skills. Nils has reinvented the innovation process, through the use of innovation archetypes. By matching the right perception to a specific situation we can hatch the innovation.

Professionally trained as a designer Nils used ‘Design thinking’ as a key skill in becoming Australia’s pioneering ‘Innovation Architect’.  Nils is democratising innovation so that everyone, not just a select few, can create rapid commercial innovation that helps to create millions of dollars of additional revenue.

Nils is the author of the several books including  Innovation Archetypes: democratising innovation (2015), Ideas with Legs: how to generate and realise ideas (2011), Life's little toolbox: tips for a happier healthier you (2003) and co-author of Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers (2006).



Originally from the UK (we won’t hold that against her), Anna moved to Sydney shortly after completing a design degree and brings an incredible design flair to her marketing and communication genius. Anna has solid experience as a global marketing manager in the FMCG market. With strong experience in managing and executing marketing activities for multiple brands and has a passion for creative brand storytelling and high quality content whilst maintaining a commercial vision. 

Anna believes that there is a lot of noise when it comes to communicating with audiences and the market place. Less is more when it comes to creating more cut-through. Rather than making noise, Anna’s strategies creates intrigue, curiosity and high engagement with her marketing and engagement initiatives. This results in higher sales and higher brand positioning.

What drives Nils Vesk and Ideas with Legs?