kick start your thinking.

At Ideas with Legs we want to make sure when it comes to innovating in business that no one is left out and no great ideas are left behind.

By offering people hassle-free and effective innovation skills and tools that happen to be fun. We let the entire organisation be part of commercial innovation projects that drive profitable returns.

We change cultures from being exclusive to inclusive, and people from being stuck in a box to thinking outside of the box.



Discover that next disruptive trend or insight. The world of uncovering what a customer wants before they even know it. Discovering emerging trends before the competition and converting customer behaviour into behavioural economics.



Create those killer ideas. Fresh thinking and fresh ideas that work. Period. Conventional people using unconventional thinking techniques to create remarkable innovation.



Build that prototype in thirty minutes versus three months. Prototyping tips and hacks to minimise risk and increase certainty behind your innovative concepts. Conceptual or three-dimensional prototyping for securing commercial success.

get rubber on the road.

You've got the insight, you've got the idea, you've built your prototypes now it's time to step it up and build the sucker so you can ship it and sell it. Get a head-start by checking out how to commercialise your idea by making it a real project. Grab some attention for your idea by whispering rather than shouting and make sure the experience is seamless whether your customer comes to an online store or a face to face service experience.



Building and delivering innovation on time & budget. Shared lesson learnings from concept board to shipping delivery.



Minimal marketing for maximum return. Posters and pointers on how to do more with less and incite a mass following with no more than a whisper.



Customer experience and user experience innovation that ensures seamless customer satisfaction and engineers customer delight.

get smarter faster.

Accelerate your up-skilling with our services. We share our knowledge in a number of formats depending on what you need. One to one consultancy, one to all keynotes, one to many workshops. From a one off inspirational talk to a one year program we have you covered.  It all depends on what your commitment levels are like.



Principles from world-class innovators that are practical enough for mere mortals. Accelerated learning for people wanting to change the game.



From innovating with a shoestring to creating the next big thing we have the digital and analogue fast track career catapulting resources for you. From books to live events.



Depending on our clients level of commitment we have can you help you with an unforgettable keynote, a paradigm shifting set of workshops, or a 12 month program to get take your profits to the next level.


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