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ideas with legs
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The same access to innovation for everyone.

Whether you have good ideas, bad ideas or no ideas at all, you should be able to create innovation. Which is why we provide everyone the same opportunities. Period. Skills and a process that are a fraction of the complexity of all other innovation processes.

We have discovered the innovation archetypes that epitomise worlds best innovation skills. And we have simplified and codified them so that you know exactly which archetype skill to use at exactly the same time.

invent the next big thing

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The simple diagnosis.

Understanding the key phases of innovation is a start. What makes the Ideas with Legs process different is that hidden behind these phases we have found a way of identifying the limiting and empowering biases of an organisations innovation capability and thereby diagnose your innovation strengths and weaknesses.

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No complex processes.

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Just simple steps.

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The new way.

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Simpler strategies.
Simpler activities.
A better result.

Unlike traditional innovation, where a number of complex innovation strategies such as 'lean start up' and 'six sigma thinking' are used, an Innovation Archetypes process means a much simpler process. With just 4 key phases. We use simple relatable archetypes for each phase. Ones that were created specifically for any professional to use. Making Innovation Archetypes more available and effective in every way.

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Two simple steps.

1. Get diagnosed.

Ask one of our team to come and diagnose your organisation’s innovation performance either at an event or at your premises.


2. Get a prescription.

We turn your diagnosis into an innovation training prescription in front of your very own eyes. So you can walk away with a bespoke set of actions to implement. 


“Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.”

— Rory Muscat, Director, Private Banking, BankWest Private Banking NSW

“Nils Vesk’s Innovation Archetype methodology is a simple, powerful, revealing and relevant tool that I will be able to use straight away. I have used it to learn what my Innovation strengths are and what actions I can take to get stronger. ”

— Pierina Curties, Director, Positive Outlook

“Some words to describe what nils vesk did for us at our CBA conference. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we’d use him again in a heart beat.”

— Brigid Gibson, HR General Manager Commonwealth Bank

“Innovation is bandied around organisations on a daily basis but is it really understood? Nils explains innovation and how to achieve it with proactive tools and habits you can develop immediately.””

— Jason Sharp, Coordinator Economic Development, City of Moonee Valley
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