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Nils Vesk - Innovation Keynote Speaker, CEO, Futurist, Consultant and Author.

As a pioneering innovation expert, Nils Vesk is continually reinventing ways to make innovation practical, accessible and replicable for everyone. So people can innovate for themselves and their organisations like never before, and no one has to say innovation is too hard.

Whether you have good ideas, bad ideas or no ideas at all, you should be able to create innovation. Which is why Nils provides everyone the same opportunities. Period. Skills and a process that are a fraction of the complexity of all other innovation processes. Nils has discovered the innovation archetypes that epitomise worlds best innovation skills. And Nils has simplified and codified them so that you know exactly which innovation archetype skill to use at exactly the same time.

Hidden behind the key phases of innovation Nils has found a way of identifying the limiting and empowering biases of an organisations innovation capability and thereby diagnose your innovation strengths and weaknesses.

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Would your organisation be more effective if:

  • Your team could solve problems faster?

  • Your team could generate insights about your customer needs?

  • Your team could deliver more value at less cost?

  • Your team could rapidly test ideas, and implement to create commercial innovations?

  • Your team could create ground breaking ideas that led to market leading products & services?


  • Increased number of commercial insights

  • Increased quantity & quality of ideas and problems solved

  • Increase in the no. of product & service improvements

  • Increase in piloting and prototyping to reduce risk and increase success

  • Faster innovation pipeline, from conception through to execution

  • Increased market share and differentiation

Nils Vesk - Bio

Nils Vesk has been applying, teaching, and researching innovation around the world for over 18 years. The key innovation problem he solves is that organisations have too few innovations and they are too far apart.

Nils’ research has identified that the major cause of this problem is that our biases get in the way of innovating. Simply put ‘what we see changes what we see’. This is human nature, except it often results in us filtering and making decisions we’re not even aware that we’ve made.

This is why Nils believes that every innovation expert you’ve ever heard speak, has been totally right yet totally wrong at the same time. Each expert (and everyone else) comes with a bias based on the professional roles they have had in their career.

Having spearheaded the science of diagnosing and prescribing critical innovation skills. Nils has reinvented the innovation process, through the use of innovation archetypes. By matching the right perception to a specific situation we can hatch the innovation.

Professionally trained as a designer Nils used ‘Design thinking’ as a key skill in becoming Australia’s pioneering ‘Innovation Architect’.  Nils is democratising innovation so that everyone, not just a select few, can create rapid commercial innovation that helps to create millions of dollars of additional revenue.

Nils is the author of the innovation book Innovation Archetypes: principles for world class innovation (2017), Ideas with Legs: how to generate and realise ideas (2011), Life's little toolbox: tips for a happier healthier you (2003) and co-author of Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers (2006)

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