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Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.
— Rory Muscat, director, Bankwest
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The founder of Ideas with Legs, Nils Vesk conducts limited private consulting sessions for organisations who want to increase sales and reduce expenditure through innovative strategies.

Nils Vesk’s innovation strategies have proven track-record to multiply the innovation of the organisations he works with. From marketing innovation to product and process innovation, Nils’s sessions get results.


You will spend an intensive half-day working on high-level strategy, mapping out your innovation strategy plans to innovate around marketing, product innovation, process innovation or team dynamics.

Depending on your organisation, your priorities and your current situation, the focus for the session could be…

  • Strategic positioning of your business for industry domination

  • Putting in place an innovation system for rapid and sustainable growth

  • Mapping out a complete innovation strategy

  • Review of all your current innovation systems, tools and methods

  • Optimisation and automation of your innovation strategies

  • Leveraging the latest innovation strategies

  • A ninety day implementation plan

  • An innovation trouble shooting session solving your most pressing challenges

One last thing, you might be wondering why this is different to any other business or executive mentoring program. There are three reasons

  1. You will be working on your current issues rather than listening to what you could do about your issue.

  2. Nils, in person and with the flip-chart. Nils has a fantastic track record of thinking on his feet to solve problems others can’t.

  3. Not only will you come away with your biggest problem solved, you’ll know how to facilitate a similar session for your team in the future.

The sessions are held at your premises (international and interstate sessions available, travel costs apply) or via video conferencing.


This is for organisations and teams who are ready to put structure into their innovation and grow rapidly. If you want to be the industry leader or team that delvers day-in day-out, then this session is for you.


  • Extensive pre-session questionnaire to define your desired outcomes

  • Preparation for the session

  • Half day private workshop

  • Follow up calls to ensure you are on track

Investment $4,700

How to apply for one of our private strategy mentoring sessions

If you are interested in one of our sessions, please call Sydney +61 2 9971 9742 Los Angeles+ 1 213 423 0677 NB: Please note that these sessions usually have a waitlist.

Love how you make the complex world of innovation so simple.
— Sebastien Lundy, Yum foods


Nils Vesk, the founder of Ideas with Legs, is a leading innovation strategist and futurist known for his ability to innovate on his feet and help his clients being innovation masters.

Nils is the author of Ideas with Legs: How to create brilliant ideas and bring them to life, Innovation Archetypes - principles for world class innovation,Life's little toolbox: tips for a happier healthier you and co-author of Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers.

Nils has presented his unique approach to innovation for organisations including Nestle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, TEDx just to name a few.

The media seeks him out for his opinions and content and he’s been featured in many publications including Australian Financial Review, BOSS magazine, Channel 10, Channel 9, ABC, The Herald Sun & Daily Telegraph just to name just a few.

Innovation is bandied around organisations on a daily basis but is it really understood? Nils explains innovation and how to achieve it with proactive tools and habits you can develop immediately.
— Jason Sharp, coordinator economic development, City of Moonee valley