#08 Reinvent your message

Ever wondered why some messages get more cut-through and buy-in than others? 90% of the time it’s because they are unique, respond to an insight, and prompt an emotional response. The other 10% of the time is because it’s laden with humour.

In this podcast Nils Vesk shares some of the secrets to help you reinvent your message making. Whether you have a presentation to the boardroom, a pitch to a customer, or a keynote at a conference, the tips I share will help you nail it.

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nils vesk
#07 Discover your innovative strengths


Ever wondered how innovative you are, or more importantly what ways you could become even more innovative by working in your strengths and working on your weaknesses? If you answered in the affirmative, then this podcast is for you. Nils Vesk unpacks how to assess your strengths and shares a prescription on how to improve to that next level.

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#06 Profitable Pitches and Presentations

You have a great idea, and your boss or potential investors are waiting for your pitch. You have one chance to make a good first impression. Do you have what it takes to deliver a winning pitch? 🤔

Watch this video by innovation expert Nils Vesk as he shares his secrets to a compelling & effective presentation. You may also download our pitch & presenting tools for FREE on our website: http://bit.ly/2EBlfUl :)

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#05 From boardroom panic to boardroom pay-rise

How to go from boardroom panic to boardroom pay-rise with rapid idea generating skills.

In this podcast I share some of my most successful step by step techniques on how to create insights and ideas to complex problems in rapid succession. Meaning you can save your job, increase your reputation, and increase your pay-packet.

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