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As much as we love keynotes we know that to learn & become proficient in life long business skills such as generating insights, idea generation, prototyping and rapid execution is going to take longer than 60minutes.

That's why we run programs that range from one or two day skill targeted workshops, five day innovation sprints, and 12 month programs across an organisation.

    The Six Critical Problems Our Programs Solve

    Not being able to break free from limited beliefs, old cultural behaviours and limiting behaviours.
    Not being able to keep pace with changing emerging trends & capitalising on them.
    Not being able to execute fast enough to validate ideas and solutions.
    Not having a compelling organisational Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

    If any one of the six problem areas above resonate with a challenge you might be facing, let's talk. It will be quicker to assess what you need and whether we're the right match for you. If we think there's someone better suited to solve your problem we'll let you know ASAP. If we think we can help we'll take you through how we can help, step by step.

    Some clients engage us to run a series of workshops on one topic whilst others might request a mixed workshop approach and others engage us for a 12month program geared to achieving an organisational BHAG.

    We're not going to outline each and everyone of our programs as we tailor our programs to fit what our clients need, after all 'cookie cutter' solutions rarely stack up in the real world, so we avoid them. Many or our small program workshops are based on the four main keynotes we deliver (though we have many more up our sleeves).

    Example of a 12month program structure

    Benefits of a program vs. keynote
    Learning transfer
    Skills proficiency won't happen unless we give people the opportunity to apply their new skills on real projects.
    Let's face it the more time off tools costs money. That's why we make sure every activity has a link to profitability.
    Real solutions
    Our program activities aren't abstract, they are pragmatic and ties to the work and challenges your people face each and every day.
    Self sufficiency
    Our programs provide step by step processes to ensure long after we leave people know how to execute their learnt skills.

    A few of our clients over the years

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