What is creativity?

What is creativity?

What is creativity? This is a question I get asked very often. Three ways to think of creativity.

One, think of it like a mixing pot of all of your thoughts. Just imagine you are cooking something, throwing in a stack of different ingredients, mixing 'em differently to see what pops up. It's a mix of experiences, thoughts, and curiosity.

Number two, think of creativity, like connecting unlikely dots. You can almost imagine it's like building something with Lego pieces that you've never connected before and looking back and going, huh? Didn't think that would work, but that's kind of interesting.

The third thing about creativity is to embrace curiosity. Here's the thing, most people worry that they're not creative. Rather than worrying about being creative, think more about, whether am I curious. The more curious are about how something is built, or why it's this, or what it looks like and what could be combined, that's when you find that the creative juices just start to flow.

So remember, creativity isn't a puzzle to solve more. It's a puzzle to play with. If you can keep that mindset, your creativity will flourish.

You can find one of my creative idea prompting tools here.

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Nils Vesk
Innovation Expert

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