What is the difference between disruptive, radical, discontinuous and breakthrough innovation?

What is the difference between disruptive, radical, discontinuous and breakthrough innovation?

First, let's meet disruptive innovation—the unexpected party crasher. Just like the cool kid who shows up uninvited, disruptive innovation shakes things up. But here's the twist: while we encourage change, we also want to avoid breaking things.

Next, say hello to radical innovation—a curveball in a straight game. When everyone's expecting the usual, radical innovation throws a curveball, mixing things up in unique ways to generate fresh ideas.

Then, let's explore discontinuous innovation—a leap to a new place and space. Instead of slow, gradual evolution, we skip a few steps to arrive at new inventions or ideas. It's about moving forward unexpectedly, beyond the norm.

Finally, we have breakthrough innovation—the "aha!" moment. It seems to appear out of thin air, but it's actually the result of subconscious processing. It's that lightbulb that suddenly illuminates a new solution, a novel approach we hadn't considered before.

In the end, these four types of innovation—disruptive, radical, discontinuous, and breakthrough—each bring their unique flair to the innovation table. They enable us to see, do, and create in ways we hadn't before, contributing to the realm of commercial innovation.

Thanks for tuning in. I hope this breakdown has brought clarity to your understanding. Stay curious and keep innovating! See you next time.

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